With over 25-years experience in sponsorship sales and activation in the sports and entertainment industry comes a myriad of marketing connections that enables The TW Agency (TTWA) with the experience for storytelling through sponsorship thereby driving stronger relationships between a property and its clients and raising the bar for renewals (and new business) at a higher investment.

By cutting through the white-noise with the creation of solution-specific programs for each individual client based on their goals will expedite sales and generate the desired revenue for contracted properties.

It's simple. TTWA starts with primary research. Through a database of organizations, we define your target audience – what they like, what they buy, where they like to hang out, what moves them to action.

There are times when a brand... a product launch... a positioning statement... is so strong and unique it requires a custom-built promotion with continuous post-event marketing.

TTWA will make it a key objective to make sure no one activates your local custom sponsorship like those we conceptualize on behalf of advertisers and properties.

Custom sponsorships and advertising partnerships (events, promotions, branding) are just the beginning because TTWA knows that on-site activations are the genesis for lead generation, propelling the needed media and social content for sharing and distribution, hospitality programs and new entertainment assets to leverage season-to-season through new business and renewals.

Specializing in:

  • Pilot Sponsorship Programs
  • Asset Creation
  • Consultancy
  • Contracting
  • Sponsorship Portfolio Management
  • Property Valuation and Negotiation
  • Asset Management
  • Sponsorship ROO & ROI framework
  • Activation Strategy

There is only one time that TTWA is a glass half empty kind of agency and that's when it looks at a property's current sponsors to see what's missing - what local institutions aren't present? what industry should be present? who isn't on campus? who needs your platform and doesn't know it yet?

Sound dismal? It's not. It's where TTWA performs at its best. Let TTWA sweat the details...From sale to activation management, from concept to cleanup and everything in between...


Let The TW Agency Sweat the Details...